Yeacode’s latest B-type printhead delivers outstanding high-resolution print quality. A single printhead can print 72mm high. The sharp print is clear and looks great on timber or composite blocks. The printer can be mounted on a conveyor and is programmed via a touch screen controller.

The printer is low maintenance, as its modular architecture means that individual components can be easily swapped by your own technical team, without having to rely on an external service engineer.

Timbermark has developed a message switching app for the printer, which makes it suitable for automatic 4-way lines. From a control PC, users can assign different designs to the pallet blocks in sequence, and the system is reset with every new pallet to prevent the designs getting out of sequence.

Print Quality

The Yeacode printer gives super sharp print quality using a 300 dpi piezo print head with a unique cartridge delivery system. One print head can print 0.5mm – 72mm, but the print heads can be “stacked”. One controller can run up to four print heads, giving a maximum print height of 288mm per stack of four heads.

UV Curing System

UV Curing System together with UV ink allows coding on a wide range of non-porous substrates. Our one-to-one pairing of UV LED illuminating head and printhead minimizes maintenance and equipment cost. Cascadable UV controller provides scalability of curing area.


Using UV-curing inks, Yeacode can print a variety of colours (black, white, cyan, magenta, green) onto non-porous surfaces, including wet, painted pallet blocks.


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