Our high resolution printing systems are ideal for printing the ISPM15 heat treatment mark.

We have printer systems suitable for automatic production lines or hand assembly operations, a component marking system.

2-Way Line

Printing system for 2-way lines to replace stencilling

SHARP High resolution printing gives the possibility of logos and fine text, even on rough timber. On wet timber, the result is the same as stencilling.

SMART The printer is set to print the same design on both sides using master and slave feature. Production dates are taken from the processor, so no need to cut a new stencil every month. You get better traceability for quality control.

4-Way Line

Printing system for 4-way lines to replace branding.

SHARP High resolution printing gives detailed designs which are difficult to create with other marking technologies. The heads spray fine drops of ink so that curved or cracked blocks are also marked effectively. Rough-sawn, end grain or composite block all give acceptable results.

SAFE The system operates at low voltage, and at ambient temperature, so presents a minimal fire risk. Operators change the design from a controller or PC interface, so no handling of hot branding irons.

INTELLIGENT Our PLC control system synchronises the design for each block, and phases them to the arrival of the pallet.


Printing system and conveyor for blocks, bearers and boards. Suitable for components for pallets or agricultural boxes.

PRINT QUALITY beautifully-printed components with sharp detail onto rough sawn timber or composite blocks.

SMART High throughput, can deal with raw material inconsistency, can handle and separate stacks of boards. Hand-fed pallet blocks are marked at up to 60/minute, the limitation is the speed of placing the block on the conveyor. You can see an example of good practice here.

EFFICIENT High throughput, can deal with raw material inconsistency, can handle and separate stacks of boards, can be installed in-line with cross cut or block saw.

ROBUST The Timbermark conveyors are built to stand the test of time – they may not be the cheapest, but they are solidly-built. For handling bundles of 25mm box boards, an optional singulation module allows separation and printing of boards from a bundle, for example for a cross-cut saw.