About Us

Established in 2004, Timbermark is a leader in providing quality inkjet systems at affordable prices. Our people are experts in their field, both technical, and commercial.

We operate across Europe, with an HQ in Oxford, UK, and a distribution base in Belgium serving the EU market. The UK office provides financial, marketing and technical support to the subsidiary, the Belgian company enables sales to EU customers on tax-free terms, and provides sales and service support.

Heavy Duty Installations

We understand your production environment. Our focus is on timber, so we build robustly-engineered systems, heavy duty for sawmills and pallet factories. The aim is to build equipment that will stand the test of time, and provide many years’ reliable service.


Modern inkjet systems are so much more reliable than previously, and we have selected our product range with ease of operation, and quick spares in mind. Like you, we think that downtime is a waste of time, and stressful for everybody concerned. For this reason, we offer products that meet your need for easy maintenance, that can often be handled by your own maintenance team, without the need for external service engineers to visit your site.

Meet the team

Colin Stewart

Managing Director

Colin has 25 years’ experience in the inkjet field, including the last 20 as founder and MD of Timbermark. He brings a blend of commercial and engineering skills to the business and is the driving force for the company’s R&D work. His interests include European languages, skiing and Scottish rugby.

Emma Stewart

Marketing Manager

With a background in journalism, Emma has experience in marketing for both large organisations and start-ups. She handles exhibitions and promotion for both the UK and EU operations.