Hand-held printing devices for portable marking. High resolution for bar coding, or scan-to-print functionality.


Print high resolution text, barcodes, logos and images 1”/2.54cm high with our handheld thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer. The Bentsai B30 printer uses aqueous inks to print on wood, card and other porous substrates. The size of the printhead and ease of use make it perfect for marking pallet blocks and bearers with ISPM15 HT stamps. The B35 prints the same size, but can use solvent based inks, as well as the aqueous, making ideal for printing on non-porous materials.

The larger print designs have greater impact and visibility from a greater distance. With refillable aqueous ink cartridges, the B30 offers an economic as well as high quality printing solution.


The latest model in the Bentsai range of handheld thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers, the B40 uses two of the inch-high cartridges to produce a mark that is 2”/50mm high. Ideally suited to printing ISPM15 HT stamps on pallet blocks, the B40 will typically produce around 12,000 such prints with one set of cartridges.

The B40 uses aqueous ink for printing on wood, paper or card. The B45 uses solvent inks for printing on metal, glass or plastic.

As with the other models in this range, users can adjust the greyscale of the print and print several messages in rotation using the group print function.


The B80 and B85 use 4 of the inch-high printheads to give a 100mm print size. High resolution images, QR codes and text can be printed on wood, cardboard, metal, glass or plastic and a guide rail synchronises the printing through a contact encoder wheel to keep the print heads in registration. Suitable for packing cases or a variety of other industrial uses.

The B80 takes the refillable aqueous ink cartridges and the B85 can use aqueous or solvent based inks.


This model prints twice the size of the 250, using 32 dots over 56mm. This means that many logos are possible using the low-res, "large character" effect. It also features a touch screen, so data can be edited without re-sending the message from a PC. For factory environments it can be programmed over a web browser.


The Handjet prints a dot matrix effect, using 16 dots over 28mm. It is battery operated, and programmed wirelessly over a PC to printer Bluetooth connection. It is limited for ISMP15 marking, but excellent for regular alphanumeric codes, especially onto rough surfaces. Uses such as applying part numbers, property identification, or production date codes are ideal for this convenient, portable device.


The V1H offers very fine high resolution inkjet printing using HP cartridges. Character heights from 1mm to 12.7mm, sharp logos and legible bar codes on most substrates. Its main advantage is that the V1H offers scan-to-print functionality so can reproduce barcode information in a variety of formats.