The printers can be arranged as a single head on the edge of the web, with multiple heads across the line width, or with large-format high resolution systems for the side of the pack.  

Thermal inkjet systems are suited for the small-format work, and the high speeds of panel presses. The options include printing down onto the top surface, with automatic height adjustment, or printing onto the edge of the panel after trimming. 

For larger formats, piezo print heads can be mounted on an X-Y traversing system, giving designs of unlimited size. A pack of timber panels can have a design of 700mm high x 2000mm long, with a 10x sweep across the side of the pack. For this type of mechanical-engineered system, please consult us for details. 

OSB Panels

Printing system for 2-way lines to replace stencilling

SHARP High resolution printing gives detailed designs which are difficult to create with other marking technologies. Logos, text and variable data can be reproduced at production line speeds.

INTELLIGENT Variable data can be sent to the printer to populate a dynamic field, with information such as batch number, quality grade or product ID. Automatic positioning such as height adjustment accepts data from your line control PLC to drive the servo motor connected to the height adjustment mechanism.

MDF Panels

Printing barcodes and traceability information on MDF boards.

SHARP High resolution printing gives the possibility of printing sharp logos and fine text, including machine-readable codes such as retailer EAN barcodes.

SMART One of the Sojet’s unique features is the controller with up to 6 print heads. Using a combination of these, panels can be split into multiples, and the same code is printed on each using the “copy to all heads” feature. In the example shown the customer prints up to 18 strips across the panel and the strips are then sent to the moulder for profiling.