New ! Sojet Mo Tix Thermal Inkjet Printer

Timbermark’s long-standing inkjet supplier, Sojet, has introduced a new, high-performance model, Mo Tix. The new thermal inkjet printers were launched at the end of 2023 and will be replacing the previous model Elfin II – VI.

So, what’s new? It’s fast, it’s robust, it’s user-friendly, and it’s packed with new features.

Fast speeds – Mo Tix can print at speeds of up to 200m/m, with an easy adjustment of the horizontal resolution, from 40 – 1200 dpi. A faster processor allows data transfer speed; for example up to 79 prints/second for a 12.5mm 2D code, using variable data from a .csv file.

Mo Tix is better adapted to harsh environments, with new features such as cartridge temperature self-adjustment technology and splashproof print heads.

The printer itself is encased in a heavy-duty metal shell, meaning the whole printer is designed to be more robust and longer lasting. The connections are heavy-duty, and the accessory connections use aviation-type cables and plugs.

The seals around the cartridge and cable connectors are improved to make them less vulnerable to water ingress, giving an IP65 specification.

The Moli Mo Tix Controller is splash-proof

The Mo Tix controller is more user-friendly to programme, with a responsive touch screen and intuitive layout. Print jobs are presented in a tabular format, and messages can be easily copied and pasted. The menu options are all easily accessed from the side of the screen, including a home button to navigate back to the main screen.

New features include…

· A nozzle switching innovation that gives better quality, less wear on the cartridge, and higher speeds. The nozzles switch back and forth from left to right with every other print.

· The printer can sense the environmental temperature and adjust the cartridges’ firing parameters accordingly, so that each ink drop is perfectly round, and creates clear barcodes, by adjusting the vertical alignment of droplets.

· Scan-to-print via USB port. A variable field is populated using a plug-in scanner.

· I/O message select capability, using proprietary connections box or customer’s own PLC.

· New font styles, including an outline machine font for ink economy.

The touch screen controller showing an example of the new outline font for economy of ink use
The Mo Tix controller showing the scan-to-print function. The barcode on the bottle is being scanned, revealing the numeric code on the controller screen

In summary, customers get sharper print at higher production speeds, better performance in wet or cold environments, user-friendly operation, and a longer service life.

We hope you like it!