Letter to our dear EU customers

with thanks to Politico Europe with thanks to Politico Europe

Dear Friends,

Here we are at the end of a tricky 2020, where in addition to a Covid-related economic slowdown we have the challenges of a no deal Brexit to manage. Here is a statement from Timbermark on how we plan to minimize any disruption to trading between us next year.

Marketing and strategic focus: We are still committed to you! Last year around 25% of our sales were to the EU, and we hope to continue to grow this aspect of our business. We are unable to make the revised date for Ligna in September 2021 as it conflicts with a prior commitment to exhibit at the W6 woodworking exhibition, but if you know of us from previous shows, expect some contact next year.

Our freight terms for sales to the EU will be DUTY PAID. Our express courier service gives us the option to pay duty in advance so that imports to the EU will pass smoothly through customs. We do this so that there is no additional cost to our valued customers – why should there be as they didn’t choose for the UK to leave the EU?

One change we do expect is how your country will treat a purchase from the UK. As before all our sales will be zero-rated for VAT, but some jurisdictions will require the VAT to be paid in advance of the goods being received. The shipping company and their agent in your local territory will normally be responsible for collecting the VAT on behalf of your local tax authority.

Going forward, we will be monitoring closely how “frictionless” or otherwise our trading with you will become, and we WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK on this point, please! We are also considering setting up a company in the EU, but at the moment the size of our exports doesn’t make that a viable decision – although we may still do it on the grounds of sentiment, especially if our customers say that this is an important factor for them.

This year festivities in our part of the world will be limited to two to three households, and it isn’t clear what will be permitted for the New Year Eve celebrations. However you celebrate, we wish you a very relaxing festive break, and every business success in 2021.