Productivity Improvements at HLC

HLC Wood Products has a new system for marking posts as part of a pallet pack for diesel engines. The aim was to mark a 44mm square post on adjacent sides with the site’s HT stamp.

Simon Beckwith of HLC commented:

Prior to the Timbermark Ink Jet Printer installation, HLC were hand stamping approx. 30,000 posts per month by hand for our biggest customer. This led to inconsistencies in the position and clarity of each stamp which were a crucial requirement for our customer.
The amount of time and resource required to stamp by hand was also extremely high.

Timbermark were able to use their equipment and expertise to allow us to:

·         achieve our customer’s increased demand (monthly: 55,000+)

·         improve the quality and positioning of the print so that each post was identical

·         reduce the amount of labour required to fulfil the job by one full time person.

To help achieve the clarity of the print, we have had to spend a little extra on the raw material which is now a planed finish rather than rough sawn, but we, and most importantly our customer, are far happier with the finished product.

The quantities we are producing now we would never have been able to achieve stamping by hand and we are very pleased with the results from the marking system.

Simon Beckwith

SHEQ Coordinator

HLC (Wood Products) Ltd (Peterborough)

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