Timbermark 4-Way Line Systems

4-Way Line Systems

Automatic assembly lines often mark the pallet with heated branding plates.

Compared with branding, high resolution inkjet presents several advantages:

  • Safety - no risk of injury to operators, minimal fire risk
  • Productivity - The product is marked while it moves past the print head at up to 40m/minute- so on lines where branding is a bottleneck, printing increases the line throughput. Changeover of marking design is instant at the touch of a button
  • Printing quality - fine detail is possible using the 7 dots/mm resolution of the print head. Inkjet is non-contact, so curved, cracked or misaligned blocks are still marked effectively. The Ink System is oil-based, so it doesn't "dry" onto the nozzles, and is light-fast and water proof once applied
  • Low running costs - Inkjet printers generate dates automatically, so no need to make a new stencil or branding plate every month. Component parts are durable unlike branding elements, for example

Our system comprises two print heads, one for each side of the line. A custom-built control box senses when the pallet is moving through the system and selects the mark for each block.

We can usually mount the system on the existing branding conveyor.

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